Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Trujillo and Caceres

Pam and I joined the now familiar A66 and headed south from Plasencia and, as had been the pattern in recent days, the sky was overcast and threatening rain.
We left the A66 and headed towards the plains around Hinojal, luckily we encountered a pair of Great Spotted Cuckoo before the rain started and persisted for most of the morning.
Great Spotted Cuckoo

Still there were birds to be seen, amongst the Crested Larks, Calandra's started to appear in numbers and some decent flocks of Spanish Sparrow.
Spanish Sparrow
We saw several Hoopoe but no sign of any Montagu's Harriers yet around Monroy but with a slightly brighter afternoon we did find a party of 10 Great Bustards and a distant party of sandgrouse that were too far away to name. 
Calandra Lark

A superb Short-toed Eagle was our first of the trip as we arrived in Trujillo.
Short-toed Eagle
This morning we explored the castle with around 50 Pallid Swifts, 20 Crag Martin and a dozen Red-rumped Swallow as well as Barn Swallow and House Martin. It was difficult to be certain of the swifts identity in the early morning light but as it brightened the paler body with pale fringes to the feathers, giving a scaly appearance, and large pale throat became visible.
Lesser Kestrels were visible from the main square but larger numbers could be seen around the Bull Ring. 
Pallid Swift

Crag Martin
At mid-day we set off again, heading for Huelva on the Atlantic Coast.
Our route so far

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  1. A Spanish spuggie - what a gorgeous little bird ... !!