Thursday, 10 November 2016

Siberian Accentor - Easington 16th October

I heard the news of Britain's first Siberian Accentor on Shetland on 9th October whilst I was in France. News that a second bird had been found by Lance Degnan at Easington on 13th October greeted me on my return home. 
I didn't fancy the crowds that would be present immediately following its discovery but was quite keen to see the bird so went over on the afternoon of the 16th.
The bird was still present where it had been originally found on Vicar's Lane and showed on and off until dusk, sometimes approaching to within a few feet.
A fantastic bird and well worth the effort of going to see it.
These records were part of a widespread arrival of more than 200 in northern Europe and which included a further 11 records in Britain!

Siberian Accentor

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