Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Neljan Tuulen Tuppa - 10th - 12th June

What Era Eero is for Wolverine Neljan Tuulen Tuppa is for Pine Grosbeak. It is a roadside motel north of Ivalo that has bird feeders that have become synonymous with Pine Grosbeak. 
Feeders at Neljan Tullen Tuppa
In the winter there can be as many as 40 to 50 birds with many fewer in the summer but I saw at least 8 birds and there could have been more. What makes the place so good is how close you are to the birds. From the cafe the birds will feed happily just a metre or so away. It's incredibly easy to get photos on the feeder but a little harder to get them on natural looking branches and in good light. 
Pine Grosbeak top two males bottom female
As well as the grosbeaks there are Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit (although none showed whilst I was there) many Greenfinch and superb male Bramblings, Mealy Redpoll (and in the winter Arctic Redpoll) Red Squirrels also regularly visit the feeders.
Brambling - male in summer plumage

To camp it cost me 15€ with a further 8€ for breakfast which included use of the sauna. I got a bit of a surprise when coming out of the toilet in the sauna to face two naked men but that seems to be the Finnish way, many of the campsites have saunas and even some of the hotel bedrooms.

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